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Chris Cooper

Chris Cooper

Role: Youth Minister
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Sun, Jan 19, 2020
Pastor Chris shares from the youth Collide Kingdom weekend.
Sun, Dec 29, 2019
Pastor Chris teaches on what the mission of God is for us - even today!
Sun, Nov 24, 2019
Pastor Chris teaches in Luke and shares how Jesus was not only David's Son, but also David's Lord.
Sun, Sep 29, 2019
Pastor Chris continues in Luke and teaches on the encounter of Jesus and Zacchaeus.
Sun, Jul 21, 2019
Pastor Chris continues to teach out of Luke and takes on the idea of stumbling blocks in our lives.
Sun, Jun 30, 2019
Pastor Chris walks us through the parable of the Shrewd Manager and how we should approach what God has given us to manage in our lives.
Sun, Mar 31, 2019
Pastor Chris teaches on the theology concerning the Perseverance of the Saints
Sun, Jan 20, 2019
Pastor Chris recaps the Collide weekend with the students.
Sun, Nov 11, 2018
Pastor Chris continues in the book of Luke.
Sun, Sep 30, 2018
Pastor Chris Cooper teaches on the subject of Who is our Neighbor?

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