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Welcome to the UPPER ROOM Youth Ministry.  Our purpose is to transform students into disciples of Christ using 4 primary principlesDEVELOP, UNITE, CONNECT, SERVE.

In all ways — intellectually, physically and spiritually — this is an important time of development for students. It is our hope to generate followers of Jesus by deepening their knowledge of God through Bible study, memorization and prayer.

It is our intention to unite students through Christ-centered relationships with other students and caring adults who will encourage and challenge them in their relationship with Christ.

We believe that life change happens through the power the gospel.  Our desire is that students connect with their world through meaningful relationships in order to share the message of Jesus Christ. 
Fighting the cultural obsession of personal entitlement and consumer consumption, we aspire to have students who are more concerned with giving than getting and more focused on serving than being served.

Collide is our student discipleship weekend designed for all 7th-12th graders, and will be held at Bay Area Church, January 18-20, 2019.  It is a time for students to pull away from the craziness of life and worship God through song, hear from His word, and process all of that in a small group setting in homes with their friends.  It is a weekend packed with opportunities to have fun, make friends, and Lord willing, meet with God.  What is unique about Collide is that it is a collaboration of TEN 4B area churches. 

Our focus this year is, “In the Light.”  It is our desire to see our students walk in the light of the truth of the Gospel and find freedom from their sin, freedom from their feelings of isolation, and how to live in that freedom every day.

The cost for the weekend is $50.00. Registration will close at 8:30 pm on Wednesday, January 9. Questions?  Please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Wednesday nights are a time of fun, fellowship, encouragement, and worship through Bible study. Junior High and High School students meet on Wednesday nights at 6:45 until 8:05 PM in the UPPER ROOM. The purpose of Wedneday night is to help students apply scriptural principles to their everyday life situations and decision-making processes.

current Wednesday night topic: Nehemiah

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ur Sunday night small group Bible study meets from 5:30-7pm in the Upper Room and uses RightNow Media video series.

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Kids In Mind
 - Reviews the content of movies including sex & nudity, violence & gore, and profanity using a rating system from 1 to 10.  For family discussion questions and educational tools see Common Sense Media.


24 Hour Counselor - Provides immediate help for teenagers with insight and advice on handling some of the toughest challenges in life including, but not limited to, suicide, divorce, sex, and drinking.


Plugged In - Movie, video, music, game, and TV reviews from a Christian point of view sponsored by Focus on the Family.


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Air1 Radio - positive, alternative radio


NGEN - Christian Rock & Christian Hip-Hop Radio online

21 Day Quiet Time Challenge



1. Pray for Guidance

2. Look for the Meaning

3. Reflect on what God is Saying

4. Live Out the Scripture



Day 1 - Genesis 1: Creation

Day 2 - Luke 2: Jesus' Birth

Day 3 - Genesis 3: Jesus' Purpose

Day 4 - Psalm 51: Confession

Day 5 - Matthew 5: The Mount

Day 6 - Genesis 12: Abraham

Day 7 - Hebrews 11: Hall of Fame

Day 8 - Exodus 3: Moses

Day 9 - John 17: Pray for Disciples

Day 10 - Exodus 20: Gift of the Law

Day 11 - Romans 3: Gift of Grace

Day 12 - Luke 24: The Resurrection

Day 13 - Psalm 23: My Shepherd

Day 14 - Romans 12: Transformed

Day 15 - 1 Samuel 17: The Giant

Day 16 - 1 Timothy 4: Leadership

Day 17 - Isaiah 53: The Servant

Day 18 - 1 Peter 2: Spiritual Growth

Day 19 - Daniel 6: Lion's Den

Day 20 - Ephesians 6: Warfare

Day 21 - Revelation 22: The End