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Sun, May 13, 2018
Passage: Luke 7:31-35
Pastor Joe continues in the book of Luke.
Sun, May 06, 2018
Pastor Joe continues in Luke and walks us through the story of John the Baptist and his doubts about the Messiah.
Sun, Apr 29, 2018
Pastor Chris takes us through the story of how Jesus raises the widow's son from the dead.
Sun, Apr 15, 2018
UNUSUAL FAITH - Pastor Joe continues in the book of Luke and teaches on the faith of the Centurion.
Sun, Apr 08, 2018
Passage: Luke 6:46-49
THE GREAT STORM TO HARVEY - Pastor Joe shows us who is the ultimate foundation for our lives, even through the storms.
Sun, Apr 01, 2018
Passage: Luke 24:1-12
WITHOUT HOPE! - Pastor Joe teaches us on how through the resurrection we have hope!
Sun, Mar 25, 2018
HOW TO FIND THE PLANK! Pastor Joe shows how our words are as display of our hearts.
Sun, Mar 18, 2018
Passage: Luke 6:37-42
MATTERS OF SPIRITUAL MATURITY - Pastor Chris continues in the book of Luke and teaches us on the subject of spiritual maturity.
Sun, Mar 11, 2018
THE PLATINUM RULE - Pastor Joe takes the message of Christ from the Golden Rule to the Platinum Rule.
Sun, Mar 04, 2018
Passage: Luke 6
RECALIBRATION - continued - Pastor Joe continues to explain and teach through Luke 6.

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